Protecting and restoring our coast

The economic contributions of Louisiana’s ports, fisheries, tourism, and other coastal industries exceed $20 billion per year. But with our coastline eroding dramatically, man-made disasters tarnishing the beauty of our wilderness, and sinking land threatening centuries-old communities, we need strong leadership in D.C. to take a stand for everyday people. The effort to protect and restore Louisiana’s coast must be a top priority, not just for our state, but for our nation.

Foster Campbell has long been a champion for Louisiana’s coastal integrity. That’s why he publicly supported a landmark lawsuit for damages caused to our coast by oil and gas companies and called for royalty payments to Louisiana to aid in wetlands restoration. Louisiana is America’s gas station, and we must demand accountable investments from other states into our coast, which is a national treasure.

In the U.S. Senate, Foster will fight for:

Advancing implementation of restoration projects

Collaborating with Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to improve practices and standards
Advancing science based policies that produce the very best and most cost-effective strategies to prevent land loss and restore our coast
Balancing the needs of our businesses and the integrity of our land by pursuing green technology
Utilizing coastal restoration funding to grow well-paying jobs in Louisiana
Securing Coastal Restoration Funding

Advocating for coastal preservation funds in Congress to fully fund the Master Coastal Restoration Plan
Ensuring federal funds allocated to coastal restoration are used exclusively for that purpose
Holding oil and gas companies accountable for stewardship of the coastal areas their rigs and pipelines occupy
Working with Congressional colleagues to get nationwide buy in for coastal restoration and protection