Women For Foster

From an early age, Foster had an excellent role model in his mother Rubye, a working mom who encouraged other women as an active member of  the American Business Women's Association. His wife Gwen is a successful entrepreneur and an expert outdoorswoman, and his daughters are thriving. 

Foster will fight to close the gender pay gap and be a partner to women as they finally win the fight for pay equity. Foster knows that when Louisiana women succeed, Louisiana families succeed, and he'll be a powerful voice for women and their families in Washington D.C. 

In the Senate, Foster Will Fight For:

  • Enforceable equal pay for equal work 
  • Paid family leave
  • Access to high quality pre-K education 
  • Policies that support victims of domestic violence

In Louisiana, foster fought To:

  • Waive utility startup fees for families fleeing abuse and violence 
  • Require health insurers to offer better coverage for women after childbirth
  • Stop illegal overcharging by prison phone companies who prey on low-income families

Foster knows that when Louisiana women succeed, Louisiana families succeed. A vote for Foster is a vote for equal pay, paid family leave, higher minimum wage, college affordability, better jobs, and a stronger coast.

These women have joined the movement. Add your name to the list to help elect Foster Campbell to the U.S. Senate so he can continue to #FightForLA.

Kate Campbell Casanova, Co-Chair
Gwen Campbell, Co-Chair
Nancy Normand
Charmaine Baker-Fox
Anna Nguyen
Anne O'Brien
Louise Coleman
Ariel Coleman
Kristin Morrell
Adrienne Quintal
Kellie Morrell
Olga Hedge-Pedescleaux
Sabrina Mays Montana
Geralyn Morrell
Margaret Carrero
Pat Boothby
Angelique Lacour
Dominique Vernier
Maria Mercedes Tio
Katie Baudouin
Danae Columbus
Ann Wakefield
Emile Bahr
Barbara Lacen-Keller
Charlotte Cravins

Leslie Bouie
Delisha Boyd
Dale Atkins
Nadine Ramsey
Cynthia Hedge Morrell
Cynthia Willard-Lewis
Irma Muse Dixon
Linda Day
Felicia Kahn
Julianne Nice
Judy Geddes Bajoie
Nancy D'Amico
Elaine Boissiere
Michelle Bell Boissiere
Mickey Barthelemy
Bridget Barthelemy
Lisa Barthelemy
Cherrie Oyemade
Shaun Saizan
Angela Young
Margaret Doyle Johnston
Carolyn Long
Stacy Thibodeaux
Beth Landry
Mary Beth Battaglia