BATON ROUGE -- Leaders throughout the greater New Orleans community announced their support for Public Service Commissioner and U.S. Senate candidate Foster Campbell on Monday afternoon.

"It's truly an honor to have the support of so many upstanding women and men," said Campbell. "These are leaders who fight for their people, and I'm proud to have them in my corner."

The widespread backing of Campbell follows numerous polls showing Campbell heavily favored to make a runoff against Treasurer John Kennedy.

Campbell earned the endorsements over candidate Caroline Fayard, a prominent New Orleans resident.

“I'm endorsing Foster Campbell because when I served in the State Senate with him he was always supportive of the city of New Orleans and helped pass legislation that helped our city," said Former Mayor Sidney Barthelemy. "When I was mayor and tried to get the basketball arena and other city projects approved, he was always supportive."

"I know he will be our friend, and friend of the city of New Orleans for a long time to come as a U.S. Senator," concluded Former Mayor Barthelemy.

“Foster fought hard for the people of New Orleans when many turned their back, getting $39 million in aid for victims of Katrina," said Orleans Parish Civil Court Clerk Dale Atkins. "He has been there for New Orleans when we needed him most. He has my full support."

“It takes courage to do the right thing. Foster Campbell is courageous," said State Senator Troy Carter. "I stand with him in this important fight for our people."

PSC Commissioner Boissiere echoed Sen. Bishop's statements, saying, "I’ve served with Foster on the PSC, so I know first hand that when he sets his mind to getting what our people are due, he cannot be stopped."  

"We need someone with a passion making government work for our people in D.C. We need Foster Campbell in the U.S. Senate," Commissioner Boissiere concluded.

“Foster Campbell is the kind of leader who knows how to strike the best deal for our people, and move us forward," said Councilman James Gray. "He’s fought and won so many battles against monopolies and special interests. He’s exactly what we need in the U.S. Senate.”

"We need a Senator who will finally put our people first. Foster Campbell has been doing that, and doing it well, his whole life," said Former State Representative and Public Service Commissioner Irma Muse Dixon. "I am ready to replace David Vitter with a real leader."

“Foster Campbell has stood up to every bully and he never backs down from a fight for our people," said Orleans Parish Criminal Court Clerk Arthur Morrell. "We trust him because he has a proven record of real leadership."

"Foster stands out from the crowd of candidates as a champion for working families," said Former Councilwoman Cynthia Hedge-Morrell. "He’s fought every villain that has tried to tear our state down and we need him more than ever as our Senator."

Former Mayor Sidney Barthelemy
Public Service Commissioner Lambert Boissiere III
1st City Court Constable Lambert Boissiere Jr.
State Senator Wesley Bishop
Councilman James Gray
Former Councilwoman Cynthia Hedge-Morrell
Orleans Parish Criminal Court Clerk Arthur Morrell
Former Rep. and PSC Commissioner Irma Muse Dixon
Algiers Political Action Committee
Former State Rep. Juan LaFonta
Larry Carter, United Teachers of New Orleans
Nick Felton, New Orleans Firefighter Association IAFF Local 632
Tiger Hammonds, Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO
Heat & Frost Insulators Asbestos Workers Local #53
Boilermakers Local #37
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #6
Carpenters & Piledrivers Local #1846
Electrical Workers Local Union #130
District Council 80, Local Union #1244 Glaziers
Iron Worker Local Union #58
Construction Craft Laborers Local #99
Millwrights Local Union #729
Operating Engineers Local #406
District Council 80, Local Union #1244 Painters, Wall-Coverers & Drywall Finishers
Plasterers’ & Cement Masons’ Local Union #567
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local #60
Roofers & Waterproofers #317
Sheet Metal Worker Local #214 New Orleans Area
Road Sprinkler Fitters Local #669
Teamsters Local Union 270


Ira Wray