Baton Rouge, La. - Senate Candidate Foster Campbell attended a candidate forum hosted by the Louisiana Association of Health Plans Wednesday. 

Campbell told leaders from insurance companies, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies that he has a record which proves he can make progress on controversial topics in healthcare like controlling the cost of prescription drugs, and regulating competition across healthcare. 

Campbell committed to support changes to the Affordable Care Act including changes for small businesses to ease the burden of providing employer-based options. "My Son, who is a neurosurgeon, takes the same view I do. We should fix the Affordable Care Act," said Campbell. "250,000 new consumers now have healthcare in Louisiana and you can't be denied for a pre-existing condition. That's good. But there is so much we have to fix to get our whole system working better." 

The candidates' positions on proposed mergers by major insurance companies were of particular concern to event organizers. Those mergers have been shot down by the U.S. Department of Justice because of alleged antitrust violations. "I regulate monopolies right now on the Public Service Commission, so it's no secret that I fight for consumers who don't have lobbyists," said Campbell. "I believe in healthy competition."

Ira Wray