For days, State Treasurer John Kennedy has been refusing to comment on the results of his fundraising report due Monday to the Secretary of the Senate. Now, the world knows why.

A "failure to file" notice stating that Kennedy had failed to comply with U.S. Code provisions was posted to the Federal Elections Commission website on Tuesday. Kennedy's report finally showed up with the morning mail on Wednesday, two days after it was due, revealing that he was outraised by his Democratic opponent by a million dollars during the period between October 20th and November 20th. 

"The State Treasurer couldn't even manage to file his report on time. How are we supposed to think he can manage anything if he can't manage his own checkbook?" said Campbell.

Foster Campbell reported Monday his campaign raised more than $2.5 million to support his bid for the last open US Senate seat in the country. But Kennedy raised only about $1.5 million during the same reporting period. At the time of this release Kennedy's report wasn't yet available online at the Federal Elections Commission's website. Campbell's campaign obtained the information in person at the Secretary of the Senate's office today. 

Campbell also outpaced Kennedy on reported cash on hand. Kennedy reported $1.35 million cash on hand while Campbell reported $1.42 million cash on hand. 

Campbell's report, which stretches 1264 pages, shows that more than fifty-thousand donors gave an average of $44.73. Kennedy raised less than $13,000 from donors who gave less than $100, showing most of his contributions came from wealthier individuals. 

"John Kennedy has already joined the D.C. insider's club. But I'm fighting for the people and together we will be revoking his membership card," said Campbell. 

There were some distinct difference between Campbell's report and Kennedy's. A mere .02% of Campbell's contributions came from political action committees, or around 12,000. Kennedy, meanwhile took in over 26% of his contributions from political action committees, around $404,000. 

Ira Wray