Foster Campbell reported Monday that between October 20th and November 20th his campaign raised more than $2.5 million to support his bid for the last open US Senate seat in the country. 

The report, which stretches 1264 pages, shows that more than fifty-thousand donors gave an average of $44.73. A mere .02% of Campbell's contributions came from political action committees. 

"This is a people powered campaign and we're spending every cent we get focused on issues important to Louisiana voters," said Campbell. 

Campbell said that his campaign has had great fundraising success in the days since November 20, the last date the report covers. "We have a winning message that transcends party and exposes John Neely Kennedy's flip-flopping record. We'll deliver it to the voters and motivate them to show up to vote," said Campbell. 

An independent organization supporting Campbell also reported that it raised a quarter of a million dollars during the same reporting period. 

Ira Wray