Foster Campbell: "Kennedy is chicken."

Baton Rouge -- Foster Campbell has agreed to attend three Louisiana Senate Runoff debates including events hosted by the Baton Rouge Press Club, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) and the Council For a Better Louisiana (CABL), and Nextsar/WVLA TV. However, Campbell's campaign was made aware Friday, that State Treasurer John Kennedy has opted to skip the LPB/CABL and Baton Rouge Press Club debates. 

The WVLA/Nexstar debate is schedule for Friday, December 2, 2016. The Campbell campaign confirmed with WVLA earlier today that Mr. Kennedy still plans to attend their event. 

The Campbell campaign was informed by a representative of the Baton Rouge Press Club on Friday, November 18 that Mr. Kennedy declined their invitation for a runoff event. Mr. Campbell will attend the event without Mr. Kennedy on November 28 at the Press Club's regularly scheduled meeting over the lunch hour. 

A representative of CABL told the Campbell campaign Friday, November 18, "Can't get any response [from Kennedy] so we are not doing a debate." 

"What is Mr. Kennedy running from? The last time he skipped out on the people of Louisiana he let Bobby Jindal sell us out to wall-street," said Campbell. "John Kennedy is chicken. Plain and simple. What is he running from?"

Campbell's question about what Mr. Kennedy might be running from could be answered with a number of possibilities. 

Maybe he's running from his malfeasance as treasurer since he's wasted hundreds of thousands on luxurious offices, even after being asked to move to state owned facilities? 

Maybe he's running from his bromance with "serious sin" Senator David Vitter

Maybe he's running from his pro-choice, flip-flopping record

Maybe he's running from the special Wall Street deals he approved as Chair of the Bond Commission, the same deals that let Bobby Jindal transform a $1.4 billion surplus into a $2 billion deficit? After all, he ran as Bobby Jindal's man in Washington back in 2008. 

Whatever he's running from, it's sure to catch up Mr. Kennedy soon. 

Ira Wray