Kennedy says he and the Senator best known for his prostitute habit are "Kindred Spirits"

The day after John Kennedy and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell emerged as the top two vote-getters in Louisiana's jungle primary, Senator David Vitter emerged as the most vocal supporter of John Neely Kennedy. 

Kennedy and Vitter have been locked in a passionate bromance for decades. Even after David Vitter lost the Governor's race because he skipped out on a Senate vote to call his D.C. Madam, and a prostitute in New Orleans outed Vitter as her client, and even after publisher Andrew Breitbart said David Vitter was just like Anthony Weiner, John Kennedy still couldn't hide his love for Louisiana's "serious sin" Senator. In October of 2015, after all this came to light, Kennedy said he and Vitter were "kindred spirits." 

Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell has the strong backing of Governor John Bel Edwards who handily beat Vitter in last year's Governor's race. "John Kennedy helped Bobby Jindal bankrupt our state, and his biggest supporter is a morally bankrupt U.S. Senator who could barely pass a bill during his time in the Senate," said Campbell. 

When asked about Vitter's lack of a moral compass, Kennedy tells TV reporters “I’m all in with David Vitter," served as Vitter’s “lead surrogate” and praised Vitter’s character, saying the disgraced senator was just what Louisiana needed in a governor. 

And why would Kennedy, even now, continue “following David Vitter’s strategy”in the race for US Senate?
Maybe it has something to do with money. The pro-Kennedy superPAC, ESAFund, is run by Vitter’s former campaign manager, Kyle Ruckert.
ESAFund is mixing Kennedy’s state and federal campaign funds. Some campaign finance experts say that’s illegal. But Vitter’s superPAC did it, and as usual Kennedy is following in Vitter's foot steps. 

Ira Wray