Baton Rouge - Foster Campbell stands in solidarity with students at Dillard University who have raised concerns about the presence of a known white supremacist on their campus. Dillard University is a Historically Black University. In their most recent requests to Dillard University administrators, students have requested: 

  • safety precautions that protect students such as increased parking security on the day of the debate
  • that funds paid by the debate sponsor, Raycom, be used for educational purposes 
  • clearance for an on campus demonstration against Duke and his dangerous ideology
  • a statement from the University administration condemning the "violent, oppressive history of the Ku Klux Klan.." and other racist ideals that Duke represents and supports
  • a lottery process to allow students to view the debate as part of a public audience

"I support these student demands. It is downright offensive that Duke is allowed in the auditorium on their campus and they aren't," said Campbell. "It's becoming very clear that the sponsor of the event has put their desire for television ratings ahead of what is best for the students at Dillard and our state as a whole." 

Campbell released a statement opposed to Duke's participation in the debate on October 21st. Students formally sent their requests to administrators on the evening of Monday, October 31st via email. 

Ira Wray