‘Caroline Fayard should be ashamed of herself.’

‘Asinine’ ‘Baseless Smear’ ‘Dirty Trick’ ‘Offensive’

In the wake of a false and misleading television ad aired by Caroline Fayard in her struggling campaign against Foster Campbell, elected officials and a prominent civil rights icon have aggressively rejected her campaign. Their comments will figure prominently this week in television and radio ads in support of Foster Campbell.

            Felicia Kahn, a prominent civil rights leader and member of the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee, said, “Caroline Fayard should be ashamed of herself for comparing Foster Campbell to David Duke. I think Caroline Fayard has to learn how to be a good citizen and think about doing more than the campaign. There’s certain things you just can’t do, and that’s one of them.”

            State Senator Wesley Bishop said, “Caroline Fayard crossed the line when she tried to falsely link Foster Campbell to David Duke. Foster Campbell has always been a friend of our community. He has stood up for equal pay, he has stood up for the minimum wage, he has stood up for civil rights. Foster Campbell stood up to David Duke when it was not popular. Folks like David Duke, folks like Bobby Jindal, folks like Donald Trump, he has always been someone to stand up and do what’s right even when folks weren’t looking, so that’s why we should stand with him.”

            Arthur A. Morrell, Clerk of Criminal District Court and Chief Election Officer for the Parish of Orleans, said, “I’ve been knowing Foster Campbell for over 30 years. He’s a friend of mine, and for anyone to say that Foster Campbell is any way remotely resembled a David Duke is asinine. It’s ridiculous and offensive to relate Foster Campbell to David Duke.”

            New Orleans City Councilmember James Gray said, “This is just absolutely a baseless smear against Foster Campbell, there is absolutely no truth to it. I think people will make crazy charges if we pay attention to them. But I think it’s important that African Americans who have benefitted from a good relationship with Foster Campbell of all these years, we need to not only ignore all these baseless attacks, we need to send a strong message that we don’t like them.”

            Sidney Barthelemy, former Mayor of New Orleans, said, “It’s a dirty trick, really, to say that about Foster Campbell. I’ve known Foster Campbell over 30 years, and I know that Foster Campbell would repudiate all of the beliefs that David Duke has and would say that to his face. That’s the kind of person he is. We know Foster Campbell. Foster Campbell is a friend to our community. Foster Campbell helped us fight David Duke and Jindal and now Trump. That’s the truth.”

            Lambert Boissiere, Jr., Constable for First City Court, New Orleans, said, “This is just an attempt to smear Foster Campbell. Anyone that knows Foster knows that he’s not a David Duke. And where has Caroline Fayard been? Missing in action. Going to school out of state. Working for big investment banks in New York. Foster Campbell has been right here in Louisiana, standing up for civil rights, fighting for health care, supporting increasing the minimum wage and equal pay for women.

            Foster Campbell makes an appearance in the long form video where he says, “I’ve spent all my life fighting for working people, the middle class and small businesses. Caroline Fayard represents everything I’ve fought against. Privileged. Entitled. Breaking the rules. Inexperienced. Using her personal wealth to try to buy a Senate seat. Governor John Bel Edwards endorsed me because he knows I will fight and stand up for the people… to make healthcare more affordable, to increase the minimum wage, and to pass equal pay for women.”

Felicia Kahn and Wesley Bishop are featured in the television ad that launched today. Click below to view: 

            REAL DIFFERENCE 30 SECOND TV - Foster Campbell for Senate

A long form film featuring the elected officials and Foster Campbell is also available on YouTube. Click below to view: 

            REAL PEOPLE - Elected Officials and Civil Rights Leader Condemn Fayard Ad



Ira Wray