Baton Rouge - A day after national news outlets got ahold of Caroline Fayard's false attack ad, they went to work mocking her team's incompetence and the content of her ad. Community leaders in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where Fayard's malicious, false attacks are airing, are up in arms. "Anyone who knows Foster and his clear history of supporting our community is totally disgusted by this behavior from Ms. Fayard," said Orleans Parish Criminal Court Clerk Arthur Morrell. "She thinks she can buy an election by spending her money to put a lie on T.V. We won't let her get away with it."

Why are political observers calling Caroline Fayard’s latest ad “disgusting” and “one of the most scummy ads of the year”? Because she’s deliberately trying to dupe Louisiana’s voters.

But that hasn’t stopped her from putting on even more race-baiting lies:

  • In her latest radio ad, Caroline Fayard misleadingly says that Foster Campbell “co-sponsored” bills with David Duke in the Louisiana legislature.

  • What Caroline Fayard doesn’t tell voters is that Foster Campbell never actually worked with David Duke on any bills. The bills that Caroline Fayard refers to—bills that name bridges, benefit teachers and retirees, and create school drug-free zones, among other things—were written by other legislators, then signed by scores of senators and representatives who supported them. Those supporters included not only Foster Campbell, but also:

    • Reverend Avery Alexander, Louisiana’s revered civil rights leader who, at age 82, was arrested while protesting at a David Duke rally

    • Kip Holden, now Baton Rouge’s first African American mayor

    • Diana Bajoie, co-founder of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus

    • Cleo Fields, the first African American candidate to make the run-off in a Louisiana governor’s election

    • Irma Dixon, Louisiana’s first African American Public Service Commissioner

    • Mitch Landrieu, current mayor of New Orleans and enthusiastic endorser of Caroline Fayard

    • Judge Dennis BagnerisPastor Raymond JetsonJudge C.R. JonesOdin BacquéSherman CopelinMelvin IrwinJoe JohnsonJoe DelpitAlphonse JacksonArthur MorellNaomi WarrenWilfred CarterC.D. JonesWilly SingletonGreg TarverBill Jefferson, former governor Mike Foster… and David Duke.

Campbell has launched fayardfacts.com and two new ads. 

In response to recent attacks, Campbell is asking his supporters to chip in to put the following ad on the air. Campbell delivers a powerful indictment of Fayard's character in the aftermath of her ad, the contents of which are disproven by her own campaign's research. "Caroline Fayard represents everything I fought against: privileged, entitled, breaking the rules, inexperienced, using her personal wealth to try to buy a Senate seat. Governor John Bel Edwards endorsed me because he knows I'll fight and stand up for the people," says Campbell.


And online, Campbell is targeting voters with the following digital ad from Pastor Theron Jackson and Pastor Cardell Speed. Pastor Jackson says of Campbell, "Foster Campbell represents the best of Louisiana and David Duke represents the worst."

Ira Wray