After several public statements in which Caroline Fayard agreed with Republicans and denied that climate change is man made, Fayard has suddenly reversed course in an attempt to revive her struggling campaign. 

In a press release Wednesday, the Fayard campaign referenced a commitment to address what it called “Anthropogenic climate change."  "Anthropogenic," meaning "originating from human activity," would imply agreement with the scientific based evidence that climate change is indeed man made. 

Just weeks ago, however, Fayard denied that climate change was caused by human activity: 

"...Fayard would not agree that humans are responsible for global warming. 'I’m not a scientist,' Fayard said in an interview, echoing an answer given by then-Gov. Bobby Jindal last year when he declined to specify a role to humans. So many Republicans dodged the global warming question with that answer last year that it spawned a spate of news stories noting their identical replies." -- Only one major U.S. Senate Candidate Thinks Global Warming is a Priority -- The Advocate; September 12, 2016

"In September you deny the problem, in October when your poll numbers are down you admit it? That's not the kind of leadership I think people want from a U.S. Senator," said Public Service Commissioner Campbell, regarding the Fayard flip-flop on climate change. 

Wonkette mocked Fayard's typically Republican response to the question on climate change as "cowardly" and Daily Kos explained why this response alone should disqualify her candidacy for U.S. Senate. (LA-Sen: "I'm Not a Scientist." Yeah, Well, You Ain't Gonna Be a Senator, Either - Daily Kos September 12, 2016)

In the aftermath of Fayard's climate change denial, the Sierra Club and twenty-two individual conservation leaders in Louisiana endorsed Foster Campbell for U.S. Senate. That, and a load of negative national media attention for her Bobby Jindal-cloned response may explain Fayard's attempt to cover up her previous denial. 

This isn't the first time that the Fayard campaign has attempted to deceive the press. Fayard previously claimed her first television ad was on the air, but was later caught red handed when figures about her buy showed her released ad wasn't on television till days later. 

Ira Wray