Military Families and National Defense

America’s armed forces veterans are facing the worst of times, our military families are struggling, and our safety as a nation is more precarious than it has been in decades. Honoring our troops and their families for the sacrifices they make isn’t optional, it’s our duty as Americans. Foster is committed to doing what it takes to make America safer by working with our allies around the world, particularly by supporting Israel in the fight against terrorism. 

That’s why, in the U.S Senate, Foster will fight to: 

Continue to promote Louisiana as a premier place to organize and train our troops

  • Ensure that decisions about Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) do not reduce troop levels at Louisiana’s military bases
  • Support local efforts to communicate to BRAC about community needs as we fight to keep local military communities strong and make their economies vibrant
  • Continue to fight immoral predatory lending practices that target military families

Make lasting, meaningful reforms at the Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Support veteran-led reforms that focus on timely access to quality care and eliminating backlogs for claims and appeals
  • Fight mental health disorders that disproportionately affect veterans through increased access to mental healthcare by working with providers and ensuring timely reimbursement to private physicians that treat veterans
  • Address homelessness and joblessness with veteran-led housing and education opportunities

Support long-term, steady budgeting plans for our military

  • End sequester for defense spending so our military families never fall off the “fiscal cliff” 
  • Support military investments in technology and equipment that will help us target our enemies in the most effective ways
  • Reallocate wasteful spending in other parts of the budget to support a stronger national defense