Standing up for Education

America's future depends on ensuring that students receive the best educational opportunities possible from an early age and can move into the workforce without a lifelong harness of debt. Quality education is the foundation of successful businesses, healthy families, and strong, safe communities.

In the U.S. Senate, Foster will fight for:


  • Funding for teacher preparation programs that pair accomplished teachers with new teachers to transfer knowledge and experience
  • Common sense quality improvement strategies such as classroom-based performance assessments and nationally recognized educator certification programs
  • Support for strong student and teacher goals and financial investments our schools need to meet the highest bar of college and career ready standards
  • Fair and transparent student, teacher, school and district accountability systems that use multiple measures to assess success
  • Federal government support for recruiting and retaining teachers that reflect the diversity of the student population
  • Quality wrap-around services integrated into school settings to make sure our kids come to school ready to learn


Dealing With Student Debt and College Affordability

  • Allowing students to refinance their federal student loans when interest rates decline so they get the same benefits any other borrower does
  • Supporting expanded federal loan forgiveness for graduates that go into careers in public service and education
  • Building a budget that ties Pell Grants to the rate of inflation so they grow as the economy grows, covering more of the rising cost of college
  • Cracking down on predatory for-profit colleges that take advantage of federal student loan dollars to enrich CEOs instead of helping our people succeed
  • Federal policies that incentivize low public college and university tuition rates to keep in-state tuition affordable
  • Expanding the cap on student loan interest deductions to help recent grads transition into work life and beyond 
  • More flexibility for military families to help them manage student loan debt during deployment and when they leave military service