Taxes and the Budget

America’s tax system is rigged against middle class families and designed to let the richest avoid paying their fair share. Billionaires, Wall Street banks and big corporations play by a different set of rules than working families. It has to stop.

Foster Campbell believes public servants have a duty to remain transparent and open with their constituents. That's why Foster has released his tax returns for the past three years. Foster's opponents in the race for the United States Senate have refused to release their returns and prove they pay their fair share. Foster will bring this spirit of transparency and fairness to his policies around taxation and the federal budget.

In the U.S. Senate, Foster will fight to: 

Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses

  • Simplify tax rules for small businesses who currently spend more than twenty times what large firms do on tax compliance 
  • Cut taxes and fix regulations that cost too much, like the ACA rules for small businesses
  • End tax giveaways for big corporations that don’t produce jobs and reinvest in incentives for small businesses, the backbone of our economy

Use Proceeds from a Fair Tax System to Give a Break to the Middle Class

  • Ensure that billionaires don’t pay a lower tax rate than the hard working middle class
  • Institute an “exit tax” to stop Wall Street from shifting profits and moving jobs overseas
  • End loopholes that allow giant corporations to hide $2.1 trillion offshore annually and reinvest in American families